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Awkward Interview

Overcome Awkward Interview Moments Like A Boss


Posted on July 22, 2014 by

You know that feeling you get when you walk out of a conversation and wish you had said or done something differently, but now it’s too late? Interviews are a perfect example. You’ll spend the rest of the day and the following days mulling over every detail until you drive yourself crazy.

We naturally approach stressful situations hoping for the best and can’t prevent the feelings of disappointment if we don’t get the outcome that we want. To counter this feeling, be proactive in your strategy before and during an interview.

Every professional has to deal with a crisis at some point in his or her career; view them as  opportunities to demonstrate how you perform under stress and how you would handle unexpected situations. If you find yourself in one of these awkward moments, attempt to salvage the situation on the spot versus beating yourself about it after the fact.

1. You’re bombarded with questions. Somewhere between the interviewer asking three questions at once and explaining why they are asking the questions, you forget the question. To ensure you cover everything, repeat the questions that you can remember and kindly ask: “Would you mind repeating the last question? I want to make sure I provide you with a thorough answer.” Don’t apologize and don’t fumble, just be sure to answer each question thoroughly now that they’ve been asked multiple times.

2. You bad talk your previous or current employer. Oh no, you let it slip, you’re not a huge fan of your boss’s methods. The ultimate offense of job interviews has been committed and there’s no turning back. The interviewer may sympathize with you, but you are certain they just silently crossed your name off of the short list. You can attempt to salvage this moment by turning the negative statement into an example of how you met the challenge and found a way to excel in your role for the good of the company and its goals.

3. You forget the interviewer’s name(s). If you’re having trouble recalling names, it may not bode well if you make it obvious to your interviewer(s). Prevent this from happening by trying one of these tricks: (1) neatly (and inconspicuously)  arrange their business cards (if provided) according to the order in which they are seated so that you can quickly glance at them when you need a reminder; (2) silently repeat the name ten times after hearing it, and try to repeat it out loud a couple of times at the start of the conversation; and (3) create an association between the name and something you know about the person (“Erin works in buying.”) or cross-reference it with something else (“My childhood friend’s name was Erin.”). (more…)

This Week at JBCStyle – Apply Today


Posted on July 21, 2014 by

Freelance Design Assistant

Category: Design Location/City: New York, NY Apply

Well-known, successful retailer is seeking a freelance design assistant for a 2-3 month assignment. Must be proficient in Illustrator and Excel.

Designer, Juniors

Category: Design Location/City: Commerce, CA Apply

Seeking an experienced, organized, creative and motivated juniors swim designer. Swim experience is not required. Experience working with tech packs, hand sketching, and Illustrator is a must.

Store Director

Category: Retail Location/City: Chestnut Hill, MA Apply

Iconic luxury brand is seeking a store director for their Chestnut Hill boutique. A minimum of 7-10 years of sales management experience is required.

Visit the JBCStyle job portal for a complete list of opportunities.

This Week at JBCStyle – Apply Today


Posted on July 14, 2014 by

Fashion Stylist

Category: Retail Location/City: New York, NY Apply

Contemporary brand is seeking a stylist with a strong knowledge of clienteling. Experience with high-end clients is a must.

Fine Jewelry Selling Manager

Category: Retail Location/City: Farmington, CT Apply

Seeking an experienced sales manager with a retail background to maximize profits through clienteling, managing store operations and effectively training a team of sales professionals. Jewelry experience a plus.

Director of Sales

Category: Account Executive Location/City: New York, NY Apply

Contemporary women’s apparel and swimwear company is seeking a Director of Sales. Must have relationships with Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, etc.

Visit the JBCStyle job portal for a complete list of opportunities.

Working with JBCStyle: The Inside Scoop on Recruiting


Posted on July 10, 2014 by

A day in the life a recruiter is as hectic as it is rewarding. We have the opportunity to directly impact the fashion industry from the retail to the corporate level by identifying talented candidates and introducing them to exciting opportunities with great companies. Below, a few insights on what goes on in the world of staffing:

How much do our services cost? As a candidate, JBCStyle’s services won’t cost you anything! If you’re ever asked to pay a recruiter – run! But how do recruiters get paid? We have separate agreements with our clients who are seeking talented individuals who can impact their business. Recruiters only get paid when they make a successful placement. Talk about motivation! Their rate isn’t included in your package, so you don’t have to worry about the recruiter taking a cut of your salary. That being said, it’s important to note that recruiters work for their clients, not for their candidates. If they don’t have a job for you, they probably won’t reach out. (more…)

This Week at JBCStyle – Apply Today


Posted on July 7, 2014 by

PR Manager

Category: PR/Marketing Location/City: New York, NY Apply

Global e-commerce fashion site seeks senior-level PR Manager. Ideal candidate will have 5-9 years experience.

Associate Buyer

Category: Buying Location/City: New York, NY Apply

Global footwear company seeks associate buyer based in NY. At least 3 years experience in buying for a vertical retailer is required.

Assistant Merchandiser, Accessories

Category: Merchandising Location/City: Los Angeles, CA Apply

Mass market/department store apparel manufacturer seeking an experienced merchandiser. Stuffed animals or toys experience is a plus.

Accounting Clerk

Category: Accounts Payable Location/City: Commerce, CA Apply

Apparel company is seeking an entry level accounting clerk. Must have at least one year of experience and knowledge of MAS90.

Sample Coordinator

Category: Operations Location/City: Los Angeles, CA Apply

Mass market/department store manufacturer of silk screen products. Must have 3-5 years experience managing sample garments.

Visit the JBCStyle job portal for a complete list of opportunities.

This Week at JBCStyle – Apply Today


Posted on June 30, 2014 by

Account Executive, Department Stores

Category: Account Executive Location/City: NY – New York Apply

Contemporary women’s collection is seeking a full time Account Executive for department stores in NYC.

Planning & Forecasting Assistant

Category: Planning Location/City: NY – New York Apply

Seeking Assistant Planner for luxury RTW, intimates, and swim brand in NYC.

Store Director

Category: Retail Location/City: CA – Santa Barbara Apply

Iconic Luxury Brand seeks Store Director for their Santa Barbara Boutique.

Women’s Technical Designer

Category: Technical Design Location/City: NY – New York Apply

High-level women’s technical designer needed for a elevated contemporary brand.  Will manage fit, construction and all aspects of garments from development to production.

Store Manager

Category: Retail Location/City: NY – New York Apply

Contribute to the successful financial growth of the company by ensuring customer service exceeds beyond expectations.

Visit the JBCStyle job portal for a complete list of opportunities.

3 Networking Events Where You Can Really Network


Posted on June 12, 2014 by

Network. Network. Network. The term is drilled into our brains from the moment we’re old enough to judge whether or not it’s okay to talk to strangers. Still, we all know how awkward networking can be when it feels forced or when intentions don’t seem genuine. Most people don’t want to meet strangers who seek them out for specific reasons. To be successful at networking, one must master the art of approaching a stranger without an obvious end game or motive behind your friendly conversation (don’t be needy). Any savvy professional will see right through your attempts to connect and your emails and calls will go unanswered.

Networking with like-minded individuals is a great place to start as you have common interests and a conversation won’t feel forced. If you’re a networking newbie, don’t be afraid to jump in and start building your list of industry contacts by attending events that focus on your field or industry. Arrive with a plan and be sure to bring copies of your resume, business cards, and anything else that will help to make you more memorable post-event.

We selected the events below because they cater to job seekers and offer opportunities to connect with industry professionals who know why you are in attendance. (more…)

What’s New and Fun in the Wearable Tech World


Posted on June 3, 2014 by

All this talk about wearable tech can become chaotic and too much to consume at times, but every now and then we come across a product that piques our interest. Today, two items caught our attention as we prowled our news feeds – mostly because we’re suckers for a good collaboration and we’re equally obsessed with photography.

As wearable technology persistently searches for its place in mainstream fashion, attempts are often foiled by the lack of connection between style and function. Customers are lured in by the novelty of what wearables are capable of; but they are put off by bulky, obvious and unattractive hardware that they refuse to wear in public. Talk about not getting your cost per wear, Google Glass comes with a $1,700 price tag!

The industry is getting closer to identifying market needs as they learn from the mistakes of fellow innovators as well as their own. In our two examples, Lulu Guinness incorporated her signature design aesthetic with the functions of a camera and Google has the money in the bank to once again partner with Diane von Furstenberg to add some style to Glass.

A look from the Diane von Furstenberg Resort 2015 collection featuring DVF Made for Glass

A look from the Diane von Furstenberg Resort 2015 collection featuring DVF Made for Glass


New Graduates: March Off That Stage and Into the Proverbial Door


Posted on May 16, 2014 by

For college seniors, the month of May usually symbolizes liberation from the papers, reports, projects and deadlines that consume the life of a student. After graduation, college life will come to an end, and for many, the job search will begin (or continue for those who got an early start). Of all the life lessons one can learn as an undergrad, how to navigate the job market as an entry-level candidate isn’t usually one of them.

Now that higher education is checked off the list, many eager graduates enter the process of job searching with the expectation that results will be immediate. This includes reaching out to your network, completing internships, and crafting a stellar resume. Still, many will find it difficult to get accustomed to the full-time job that applying can become.

Getting your foot in the door will take time and a commitment to doing everything in your power to make your talents known. Go the extra mile and be confident that you’ve taken every action possible (without being a stalker) to land your dream job.

Read below for some helpful information and let us know how it goes!


Met Gala 2014 – White Tie Dress Code Optional


Posted on May 6, 2014 by

When the Metropolitan Museum of Art throws a party, you go [if you're invited, of course]. The annual Costume Institute gala was the place to be Monday night for the entire fashion industry and an impressive list of celebrities. This year, the gala took place in honor of British-born designer Charles James and celebrated the unveiling of the Anna Wintour Costume Center.

In sharp contrast to the previous year’s punk theme, Met Ball 2014 guests were asked to dress in white tie for the event. Many followed the one rule of the evening, but it wouldn’t be a fashionable affair if a few rebels didn’t arrive out of dress code. It’s not easy to get a man to wear tails these days and some women just have to rock a crop top.

Below, some of our favorite…

Sarah Jessica Parker in Oscar de la Renta

Sarah Jessica Parker in Oscar de la Renta