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JBCStyle – NYFW Top Picks – Day 7


Posted on February 15, 2012 by

We’re hopping from New York Fashion Week to Social Media Week and loving every minute of it!  Today we attended a panel entitled “How Street Style Blogs Affect Retail and Design” at Hearst Towers.  The panel included a talented group of experts: Laura Brown, Jo Hillman, Kate Lanphear and Tamu McPherson.

A day of social media and fashion equals a great day.  Alas, as the end of fashion week approaches and as sad as we are to see it go, our spirits were lifted once we saw today’s shows.  From JBC to you, our top three picks of the day.

1. threeASFOUR – Is it wearable?  Practical?  Sensible?  Probably not, but threeASFOUR’s Fall 2012 Collection is an artistic masterpiece that represents the avant-garde side of fashion week, a rare concept these days.   Psychedelic, three-dimensional swirls constructed into dresses and over-sized jackets kept us intrigued and waiting for the next look to emerge.  The cage-like apparatus used to construct boots and a green overlay in one look brought to mind rotating gears.  Much like those used to operate automatons like the one in Hugo.  Mixing a little fantasy with reality isn’t always a bad thing.


2. Michael Kors -  A lush collection of warm knits and furs (shearling, raccoon and Mongolian lamb) at Michael Kors Fall 2011 RTW Collection prompted thoughts of cozy nights in snow-covered Aspen or a casual stroll during the peak of Winter through the concrete jungle that is NYC.  When it comes to closet staples, Kors knows; and he delivers.  The tailored pieces trickled in throughout the show along with the more formal dresses.  Obviously, we were really feeling the furs.


3. Marchesa – William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s A Soul Brought to Heaven inspired the angelic gowns and dresses at Marchesa Fall 2012 RTW.  Bouguereau (Nov.30, 1825 – Aug. 19, 1905), was a French painter known for creating an idealized world through his work.  Using feathers, lace and tulle, the collection created a soft, angelic whisper as the models seemed to float on the runway.  Angels on the runway?  Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig of Marchesa came pretty close.




JBC Style | Valentunes


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♥♥♥Cupid approved Valentunes♥♥♥




1. Beach House “Take Care”
[soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /]

2. Beirut “Venice”

3. Lykke Li “Little Bit”
[soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /]

4. Soko “First Love Never Die”

5. Devendra Banhart “Brindo”
[soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /]

6. The Morning Benders “Lovefool”

7. Bon Iver “Beach Baby”

8. Iron & Wine “The Sea and the Rhythm”

9. Ryan Adams “Wonderwall”

10. Yuck “Rose Gives a Lily”

Rouge Lips for Your Valentine


Posted on February 14, 2012 by

The perfect shade of red lipstick is like that red cherry on top of your ice-cream sundae: a luminous finish to any classic and polished look. Like all the vibrant colors of the rainbow, there exists an overwhelming selection of red hues from which to choose.

Would you classify yourself as a scarlet vixen or a crimson lover? This Valentine’s Day, the hunt for the perfect rogue lipstick ends! MAC’s intensely vibrant collection of red lipstick guarantees a luscious, dreamy pout.


 “You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss. A sigh is just a sigh. The fundamental things apply, as time goes by.” Sam, Casablanca

1.  MAC Red $14.50 There is only one word to describe this vivid bluish–red shade: classic. It feels like utter satin upon your lips and it is all you need to glamorize any outfit, whether it be a simple tee shirt and denim combination or a more professional and formal pencil shirt and blouse.  If you aim to turn heads everywhere you venture this is your signature shade. Wear it well and with caution. It is brilliant, dark, and daring!

Left to right:

2. Russian Red $14.50 This intense bluish-red shade is among the most popular MAC colors. It is a matte lipstick so there is minimal shine when applied; however, the color is absolutely brilliant. More suitable for an extravagant night out on the town than a day-time office wear, stand out amongst the crowd with this amazing crimson color. Another amazing benefit is the color is so bold it often has the effect of creating the illusion that your lips are fuller. What girl wouldn’t appreciate that!

3. Sin $14.50 For once, you can finally indulge in a little sin without the guilt. This deep dark blue-red matte lipstick veers from the traditional rouge red yet it is equally as appealing and beautiful. Containing components of both red and blue color it is derivative of a stunning royal purple with deep undertones. No matter the size and shape of your lips, accentuate your sexy smile with this unique and bold plum-purple color. Matching perfectly with the deep dark colors of autumn, you’ll be sure to melt hearts with your lavender lips.

4. Saint Germain $14.50 For those that desire a color less dramatic than the classic red this shade is the perfect answer. It is a clean pastel pink. Brighten up your face with this pretty pink color which compliments varying complexions. A few degrees darker than the customary baby pink, this color will inevitably become the staple accessory you’ll never go without as it goes hand in hand with the bright and beautiful colors of countless Spring collections.


5.  Lady Bug $14.50 Need a good luck charm ladies? Paint your lips with MAC’s Lady Bug. This shade of red carries undertones of yellow and orange similar to the exquisite color of a ripe yellow garden tomato! Attending an outdoor party or anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring? This bright and exotic color has an earthy yet vivacious feel and will make you the center of attention at any event!

6. Crème Cup $14.50 Yum..the name of this lipstick sounds more like a scrumptious pastry. The color is quite delectable as well, appearing as a shade a bit more neutral for women that desire a more natural sheen to their lips. It is a lighter blue-pink color that is perfect for a mid-afternoon tea party or a lovely date with that special someone.

7. Lady Danger $14.50 Beware ladies, this color is extremely dangerous! With the application of this fiery coral red matte lip color, you’ll instantly transform into the part of the femme fatale. The color is vivid and bright with deep orange undertones. If you want to make a powerful and bold statement, wear it in the evening for a night out filled with adventure.


8.Plink $14.50 Who doesn’t absolutely adore a pink lipstick to match the flushed apples of your cheeks! And with the imminent arrival of warm Spring days it is the perfect accessory for those loose flowing little dresses you’ll soon be digging out of your closet. Similar to the beige and earthy neutral colors of  the beach, this lipstick is a warm seashell pink. The gleam on your lips is delightfully sweet. So perfect for a beautiful Spring day reminiscent of the sea shore.

9.Frou $14.50 This particular lip-stick color carries a definite sophistication and class. It is a subtle yet deep color you’ll have difficulty matching elsewhere. The color is magnificent; a soft beige with accents of silver shimmer running throughout. If the angelic look is what you’re looking to achieve, smooth this MAC shade across your naked lips and your face will emit a dewy warmth all day!

10.Impassioned $14.50 Last but certainly not least. If you consider yourself a dare-devil of some sorts, rock this amazing color which is nothing less than an amped-up fuchsia. Like the very name of the lipstick, it will leave you totally impassioned from within. Be confident ladies and accentuate your beautiful lips with eye popping color!



Meet Kristen


Posted on February 14, 2012 by

Name: Kristen Gregerson

Title: Talent Acquisition Executive & Assistant to SVP Jamie Grossman

Location: Culver City, CA

Recruiting specialty: Apparel Merchandising, Design & Technical Design

I became a recruiter because … After being recruited by JBCStyle for a temporary role with a fashion tradeshow! I was so inspired by their knowledge of and passion for the business that I eagerly pursued the opportunity to join the team and work under/learn from Jamie. I love having the ability to utilize my passion for art, culture and bringing people together while being constantly challenged by an ever-evolving industry.

Favorite designer: Alexander McQueen

Favorite place in Los Angeles: Weekend mornings on the beach in Santa Monica with my toes in the sand and a hot cup of coffee

Best interview tip: Show your enthusiasm, preparedness and sense of professionalism:  research the company, have questions in mind and never speak poorly about a previous employer.

Favorite accessory: A little “joie de vivre”

Sweet or salty: Chocolate chip cookies with fleur de sel. It’s all about harmony.

In my spare time I … Attend and support local fashion events as well as music and art shows, hike the canyons of Malibu and explore the vast culinary offerings of LA

Fashion or Beauty Tip: Style comes before comfort. To the ladies out there who, like me, stand at or over six feet tall — go on and rock those 4 inch heels

Favorite item in my closet: The Burberry Hooded Duffle Wool Coat that got me through a few extremely cold winters in upstate NY & Boston!

Restaurant I would recommend: Pub and Kitchen in Philadelphia, PA — My favorite place in the States, and I’ve lived in/traveled to quite a few.

Favorite quotes:

“your life is your life.
know it while you have it.
you are marvelous.
the gods wait to delight
in you.”

- From Charles Bukowski’s The Laughing Heart

JBCStyle – NYFW Top Picks – Day 6


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Happy Valentine’s Day to all the New York Fashion Week lovers out there.  Below, the collections we fell in love with.  NYFW, you’re the best Valentine ever!

Sachin + Babi – Husband and wife team, Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia, are probably having the Valentine’s Day of their lives as they staged their first runway show today.  The fairly new label used leather in it’s most delicate form to add edge to chiffon and other such fabrics.  We feel the dresses below embody the theme of the collection and display a range of necklines, sleeves and straps.  The double thigh-high slits (double sexy) are sure to be a red carpet favorite.


Naeem Khan – A strong connection to Indian culture was the root of this collection.  According to Naeem Khan, “It started with a dot.”  The dot he spoke of is the bindi, a red mark or jewel worn by Indian women to ward off evil or signify marriage.  The idea of the bindi led to a collection inspired by Indian body art.  Khan created a decadent assortment of gowns and separates using beads, appliques, patterns and textures.  The beautiful collection electrified the runway in their movement, contouring silhouettes and plunging necklines or low backs.


Vera Wang – One can’t go wrong in Vera Wang; and ever since she sent black wedding dresses down the runway for her Fall 2012 Bridal Collection, she proved to be an innovator and forward thinker.  For her Fall 2012 RTW Collection Wang continues to color outside of the lines and we love it!  Not the most wearable collection but we can appreciate the originality and inventiveness.  Until next time…


NYFW | Timo Weiland RTW Fall 2012


Posted on February 13, 2012 by


Hailing from Seattle, I know a thing or two about grunge.  Walking out into a day long drizzle ahead, your options tend to be limited and your mood…less than bright.  Grunge comes out of a literal darkness, a boredom, a freedom, and a carelessness.  Timo Weiland took these attitudes into great consideration for their latest line, with grunge being the obvious undertone.  However, they took out the boredom and carelessness and replaced it with invention and effortless style.

Both contributing designers, Timo and Alan Eckstein, grew up in artistic environments…and both know the urban lifestyle, while still respecting an agrestic energy and aesthetic.  Their love for travel and history is apparent in their Ready to Wear line for Fall 2012, which displays Timo Weiland’s intrinsic synchronicity between fabric texture, color and draping.  We love the above design, a skirt that almost appears to be a flannel tied round her waist…but made much more interesting as a skirt.  The over-sized sweater and fur color are a brilliant play on balance.  Also shown amidst the lady’s looks, were some very timeless mens designs…including this sharp leather sleeved, plaid version of a baseball jacket.











Timo’s evolution of the maxi length was a favorite…layering opposite textures and prints, splicing them, and revealing another.  Creating elevation difference really added intrigue to a nearly overdone hemline.











Although one could have read their menswear as ‘safe’…there was a more subtle leap noticed in their color and textile pairing, than the actual designs themselves.  Showing off a man’s ability to wear floral and magenta in all the right ways was brave and wonderfully executed.











These last three were my favored picks…so enthralled with the rich, jewel-toned velvets and the cuts.  Having a cut-away back on an elegant dress is a great way to showcase one of the most attractive areas on the female.  And the ‘mullet’ style hem on this plum sleeveless shirt is a perfect way to show off an awesome pair of high-waisted anythings.  The middle look is something I’m excited to try…laying tights, socks, and two skirts together??  It looks chic and so, so warm.



JBCStyle – NYFW Top Picks – Day 5


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As the days of New York Fashion Week go by, the shows continue to electrify and it’s becoming a tough task to choose just three to highlight.  We finally narrowed it down to these fabulous designers:

Zac Posen – Zac Posen’s Fall 2012 RTW Collection was inspired by Japan with the use of jewel tones of red and blue and the addition of kimono sleeves and obi sashes.  Our favorite looks came later in the show; and as awards season continues, we immediately pictured these looks on the red carpet.  Curve-hugging gowns from knee-length to floor-sweeping in an array of hues to compliment different skin tones.  Don’t forget the shimmer.  Top left, this strapless piece in pale, shimmering gold with its tight waist and bustier bodice wins “best dressed” today.  Congratulations Mr. Posen, would you like to say a few words?


Custo Barcelona – The brothers Dalmau, Custo and David, are inspired by their world travels and compelled to consistently create collections that embody their vision in a mash-up form that loosely aims to come together on the runway.  We enjoyed the mixed-print meets fusion of textures, patchwork knits and synthetic fibers vibe.  For the daring, we say get in touch with your inner hobo and channel some Euro-style.  Mix it up!  For the more subtle, yet stylish girl, this collection works just as well if you choose to separate the pieces and tone them down with some solid colors.


Catherine Malandrino – Man-killing cat-woman?  Yes, the 1942 horror flick, La Féline, featuring a temptress by day, man-killer by night cat-woman inspired the Fall 2012 Black Label Collection.  The femme-fatale theme was laid out in designs with the use of stretch vinyl, embossed-crocodile leather, laser-cut leather, sheer mesh fabrics and bustier dresses.  Our top picks below are sexy, borderline suggestive and perfect for a night out on the prowl.  Me-Ow!!


JBCStyle – NYFW Top Picks – Day 4


Posted on February 12, 2012 by

1. Tribune Standard – Perhaps one of the more pleasantly surprising favorites of the day…Tawfik Mounayer’s collection was a ‘soaring’ success.  Now, maybe I’m a bit biased because I’m obsessed with texture myself…but Tribune Standard has texture down to a science for Fall 2012.  We’ve got everything from laces to leather, with really fun (and probably very tactile) feathery tops and knit hats.  The whole show had a feel of a flock of birds in the dead of winter…with layers like plumage and a strong, graceful presence.  Not to mention, that sky high bun pulled so taught atop each model’s crown.































2.  Edun –  This designer knows how to layer a woman sexy.  We saw thick knit sweaters in ultramarine, pleated skirts and warm winter coats of plaid, leather accents galore, all matched with slinky zebra and abstract print dresses and base layers.  But what really won me was Edun’s intelligent use of pockets…in the skirts, sleeveless jackets, dresses…everything!  Oh, praise.






















3.  Diane von Furstenberg- DVF may be telepathic.  Recently when I’ve been frantically getting ready for an event, I’ve had need for some classic inspiration.  So my intrigue was tapped when, in her show notes, DVF even stated that her Fall RTW collection was about being ‘glamorous at a moment’s notice’ and having ‘a heightened awareness of the promise of places she has not yet been.’  Each look portrayed this woman who knows everything in her closet, and how to pair them at the drop of a hat…but with a different twist each time.  The color mixing was smart, the sparkle…just enough, and that hand print-puzzle dress was ever so chic.  Really, the collection in it’s entirety was.























JBCStyle – NYFW Top Picks – Day 3


Posted on February 11, 2012 by

It’s a cold day in the city but the icy weather isn’t going to stop New York Fashion Week.  The fashion industry braved the flurries and made day three a success.  Below, the designers who warmed us with delight this Saturday.

Mara Hoffman – Prints have crossed over to the dark side; in a good way.  Mara Hoffman is known for weaving spirituality into her designs and Fall 2012 doesn’t veer far from her usual.  The overall feel was mystical with the use of bold prints balanced by sharp tones of red, black and white.  A very wearable collection for the high-fashion loving Bohemian.


Hervé Léger by Max Azria – Harnesses and strapped-up boots evoke thoughts of a dominatrix; but the models strutting the Hervé Léger catwalk transformed the items of bondage into sexy, sultry accessories to add edge to form-fitting dresses.   The nude pieces, paired with cognac leather accessories were subtle in their approach – a contrast from the black leather paired with the white, black and patterned pieces.


Miguel Adrover – If you have yet to be moved this fashion week, take a look at Miguel Adrover’s Fall 2012 Collection and read into the not-so-subliminal messaging.  Throw in a little bit of controversy while you’re at it and you will see fashion at it’s best.  Re-worked fabrics, clothing and items such as rugs and sheets formed a collection that left viewers enchanted and dare I say…thinking?  Hats off to Adrover for pushing the envelope and creating looks that are globally street-worthy.





JBCStyle | Top Ten | Mixtape


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Music is scientifically proven to affect your mood.  So take these tunes to brush off your week and switch gears to the weekend…because we care.







1.  Tennis – “Origins”


2.  Stori – Just Another Day


3.  Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – “Tapes & Money”


4.  Jesse Ruins – “Dream Analysis”


5.  The Big Pink – “Stay Gold”


6.  Freedom Fry – “Earthquake”


7.  Calexico – “Two Silver Trees”


8.  Dumbo Gets Mad – “Eclectic Pawn”


9.  Lykke Li – “Love Out of Lust (Saturday, Monday Bootleg Remix)”

[soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /]


10.  Sebastien Tellier – “Divine (Danger Remix)(Zeds Dead Remix)”