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Redesigning Google Glass for Social Acceptance


Posted on January 28, 2014 by

google glass curve design

Google Glass’ ‘Curve’ Frame

When the strange-looking, futuristic Google Glass started popping up on the faces of our peers, we were curious, but couldn’t imagine wearing the device without attracting awkward looks and uncomfortable stares. Something was missing from Glass – the design lacked the ability to blend in with the crowd. Google Glass lead designer Isabelle Olsson spoke with Fast Company about the decision to make the piece of wearable technology… well, more wearable.

Despite an unbelievably enthusiastic embrace from the likes of Vogue and Diane Von Furstenberg, Google Glass has, up until this point, had a bit of a fashion problem, with brave wearers getting saddled with the unflattering nickname “Glasshole” for their blatant cyborg vibe. The prospect of public shaming doesn’t do much to persuade those on the fence about wearing Glass to opt for an accessory that evokes such strong reactions. For the less evangelical, the headgear looks too odd to even consider wearing in public.

One of the biggest deterrents for even tech-inclined people of the original device is that it stands out too much.

Olsson explained how simplicity and minimalism played a key role in the design of the new frames:

“There’s so many things that are overwhelming about our lives, especially technology,” she explained. “I think it’s our duty to simplify things, not to overwhelm people, not to add things, not to complicate things.”

The available shapes – Curve, Thin, Split, Bold – were designed to appeal to every type of Glass wearer. Now that the design problem is solved, the fashion-forward individuals who would rather blend in than stand out may find comfort in the new options. Wearable technology is the future and if it is to succeed, design proves to be of the utmost importance.

Read the article here.

How to Lose Creative Talent


Posted on January 24, 2014 by

Creatives need creative space.

The Big Picture designed by Matt Brooks from the Noun Project

The Big Picture designed by Matt Brooks from the Noun Project

Designers are often thought to be in the position to make important decisions about their work with their creativity given no limit. On the contrary, designers are usually so constrained by requirements from those who commission their work that they begin to feel lost and soon lose sight of the one thing they love to do the most – create. Medium recently featured an essay from Julie Zhuo in which she details how to lose a designer using a painter as her example. The same goes for most creatives:

After a productive start on a project, the painter was contacted multiple times with news of a shorter deadline, a request for a change in size, and the addition of an off-the-wall detail.

The work did not represent what you valued. The work, ultimately, was not something you are proud of.

Although the work was praised, it wasn’t what the painter envisioned. Instead, it was made to fit specific criteria that wasn’t made clear at the start  of the project:

Every person who works in a creative field has an aspiration for her work, a yearning for that ideal plane which is the culmination of her taste.

Why they leave:

When an environment fails, over and over and over again, to provide her with a means to follow her internal compass, then she will leave.

Read the complete essay here.

NYFW Borough Jumping – Alexander Wang to Show in Brooklyn


Posted on January 15, 2014 by

New York Fashion Week is fast-approaching and the designers continue to scatter. The latest designer to switch locations is Alexander Wang and he didn’t just decide to choose another location in Manhattan, he chose another borough. Wang gave his 5 p.m. spot to Joseph Altuzarra and decided to cross the East River to Brooklyn to present his fall collection at the Duggal Greenhouse located at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It’s not a big deal… it’s just another borough that’s slightly more difficult to get to. Muah-ha-ha.

A Look from Alexander Wang RTW Spring 2014

A Look from Alexander Wang RTW Spring 2014

Wang’s not the only designer switching it up. Diane von Furstenberg and Michael Kors haven’t turned their backs on Manhattan, but they have decided to show at Spring Studios in TriBeCa versus The Theatre at Lincoln Center. Additionally, Vera Wang is taking her collection to the Dia Center for the Arts in Chelsea.

The Fall/Winter 2014 collections seem to have brought on the urge to try something new in 2014 for many designers. Whether it’s the costs, the overwhelming (and random) attendance at Lincoln Center, or just the desire to mix things up, designers seem to be growing weary of the fashion week madness. We see no issue with scattering shows across New York City, but we are interested to see if the tactic will ease the current situation.

See you in Brooklyn!

via WWD

Haute Couture Moms at the 2014 Golden Globes


Posted on January 13, 2014 by

The real babes of the 2014 Golden Globes were safely and glamorously tucked away by their A-list mommies. Olivia Wilde shimmered from head-to-toe in a long-sleeved Gucci gown of green sequins. Kerry Washington chose a polished look from Balenciaga with a sweet overlay to perfectly accessorize her baby bump. Drew Barrymore was ever the flower child in a floral Monique Lhuillier that couldn’t have worked on anyone else. Well done, ladies.

Olivia WildeKerry WashingtonDrew Barrymore

Top 10 Wardrobe Must Haves – The Investments


Posted on January 10, 2014 by

Every woman needs a killer wardrobe. Racking up hangers full of trendy pieces may satisfy short-term needs, but it’s the timeless wardrobe additions that make for worthy investments. These closet staples should be of high quality fabric and construction; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be from a designer or well-known label.

As far as trends, variety is important as the colorful or patterned pieces can be filtered in each season to update your wardrobe essentials. This year, Radiant Orchid is in the spotlight, but do refrain from purchasing 50 shades of purple and narrow it down to only a few pieces in your favorite fit or style.

The challenge is to find the balance between trendy and timeless as you collect these must-have items that will become the foundation of your wardrobe. Oh, and don’t be alarmed, where just one bag won’t do or when just one pair of shoes isn’t enough, collecting a few options is perfectly fine. Let the wardrobe building begin!


Happy New Year!


Posted on December 31, 2013 by


All of us at JBCStyle and JBCconnect wish you peace and happiness this Holiday Season and throughout the New Year.

As another year passes and we get ready for 2014, resolutions are made with every intention of following through. Let’s make it a good year by setting realistic expectations and achievable goals.

Happy New Year


Happy Holidays – from Team JBC


Posted on December 24, 2013 by

Here’s to a season filled with warmth, comfort and good cheer!
One of the real joys this holiday season is the opportunity to say thank you and wish you the very best for the New Year.
- from all of us here at JBCStyle

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Conquer 2014 in 14 Steps


Posted on December 16, 2013 by


by Bryan Zaslow

Success isn’t difficult to achieve if you have reasonable expectations and you’re determined and motivated, but it can be difficult to sustain. Failure to plan for the future while balancing your plans for today leaves you susceptible to a false feeling of over-confidence and at risk of becoming obsolete. Image

As 2014 inches closer, it’s hard to believe that another year is passing by. But don’t dwell on missteps, they are inevitable – instead, consider them learning experiences. Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” We should endeavor to devise our plans well in advance, find constant comfort in adapting those plans based on current experiences, and continue to look towards the future as we exist in the present. Charting a strategic path is essential to longevity in any industry. Here’s how to do it: (more…)

JBCSpotlight: Meet Kalyn


Posted on December 16, 2013 by


Title: Talent Acquisition Executive

Location: Los Angeles

Recruiting specialty: Retail

I became a recruiter because… Fashion recruiting is the culmination of my industry knowledge, my people skills and my desire to succeed!

Favorite designer/artist: In terms of artists, I’m a huge fan of old school fashion photographer Richard Avedon. In terms of designers, I love me some YSL. But really, who doesn’t?

Celebrity crush: Javier Bardem

Favorite place in {LOS ANGELES}: The Bungalow. Yes, it’s a bar and yes, it’s fabulous.

Interview horror story: I think I’ll share a screening horror story just because I have so many. I called my candidate via Skype and guess who answered? Her shirtless husband. I was terrified. She popped out from behind him three seconds later but needless to say, the call was off to an awkward start. (more…)