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JBC Interview | In the Studio with Galina Sobolev of SINGLE Dress


Posted on September 17, 2012 by

On the heels of a series of successful Fashion’s Night Out events in New York City, we flew out to Los Angeles early Friday morning for some west coast fun before New York Fashion Week really kicked into gear.

Leaving NYC during fashion week is unheard of; but we couldn’t pass up an invitation from Galina Sobolev of SINGLE to tour her design studio and factory.

Now that the focus is on London, we have some time to focus on a talented designer who is determined to make every woman feel glamorous – one dress at a time.


The designs of the former contestant of Bravo’s Launch My Line have become a celebrity favorite for the red carpet, television appearances and more.  The “Serena,” “Becky,” “Tashina” and “Notch Neckline” dresses are best-sellers (and selling out) in various colors.

Tashina Dress, $277.50

Becky Dress, $245

Notch Neckline Dress, $244.20











Serena Envelope Dress - Red, $240

Skinny Victoria Dress, $277.50

SINGLE dresses have been spotted on a list of celebrities from Ramona Singer of The Real Housewives of New York City to Katie Couric, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.  Women seem to gravitate towards Galina’s designs that were made for the woman on the go.






Katie Couric in SINGLE


Katie Couric was recently spotted in the SINGLE “Serena” Envelope Dress on her show (Sept. 13), Katie.  Maria Menounos is a repeat SINGLE fan as she’s been seen on multiple occasions sporting the designer’s dresses.

So what is it that keeps these women coming back for more?  Well, it’s a combination of things.  Galina is a hands-on designer who understands her customers.  She knows they are seeking quality, details and functionality.

She understands the desire to achieve a flattering fit accompanied by sexy, classy, and feminine details.  Most importantly, she gets the need for an affordable price point – attainable luxury for the everyday woman who may also be a jetsetter.

As an entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three, Galina has a pretty hectic schedule.  She is aware that many of her customers are women who juggle multiple roles; however, they want to be comfortable and stylish as they go about their day.

Stretch fabrics, stream-lined silhouettes and form-fitting designs appeal to women from coast to coast.  Of course, one must also appreciate that the SINGLE factory is right here in America.  Galina, along with her small team, take each design from concept to reality out of a studio in sunny Los Angeles.

What’s next for Galina?  In celebration of fashion week, here’s a sneak preview of SINGLE Spring 2013:

Galina grew up in Russia and learned to sew and crochet from her grandmother, an established dressmaker.  After her studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, she started pursuing a career in high-end fashion which eventually led to creating her own label, SINGLE, with her husband and business partner, Michael.  They started SINGLE with the vision of creating luxurious garments for independent, stylish and passionate women.

As stated by Galina, “My line is a luxury collection known for its classic sensibilities and exuberant European fabrics, which promote women’s confidence and independence in style.”

“Enter my world of SINGLE- the world where women are more daring and dynamic, they wear their fashion with excitement and a zest for life, they command attention and shine in the spotlight, and they feel great in their own skin. I celebrate the confidence and strength in every woman.” – Galina Sobolev

SINGLE is available at Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales and other exclusive boutiques and online retailers worldwide including

JBC Interview | Get to Know T.V. Carpio


Posted on August 22, 2012 by

After only a few seconds into our chat with T.V. (Teresa Victoria) Carpio, we realized our questions about Fashion’s Night Out and New York Fashion Week weren’t going to be the focus of the conversation.  This multi-talented performer isn’t one for labels and can appreciate a good deal;  she’s also into re-purposing and designing her own clothing.

So, who is T.V. Carpio?  The “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” star (T.V. played Arachne, an eternal web-weaving goddess) is steadily making a name for herself on stage, on screen and in the music studio.  In her role as Arachne, T.V. was a member of the Broadway cast originally directed by Julie Taymor.  Although wildly successful, the musical will go down in Broadway history as one of the most expensive productions with the longest preview period.  Despite the accidents and controversy, T.V. shined as the arachnid that gave Spider-Man his superhero powers.

Next up for T.V. was “Limitless” (2011) alongside Bradley Cooper where she played Valerie, a law student who becomes the romantic interest of Eddie Mora (Cooper) after he pops his first NZT pill.  As our chat goes in and out of entertainment, T.V. reveals she would like to work with Joseph Gordon Levitt in the future – and who wouldn’t?

Performing runs in her blood and ever since her big break came from Spike Lee, who cast her in 2004′s “Sucker Free City,”  T.V. has kept herself busy; and it doesn’t stop at acting – T.V. also sings.  Her mother, Teresa Carpio, is a famous singer in Asia so T.V. is naturally quite comfortable in the studio and was able to showcase her voice in the “Spider-Man” musical with the members of U2.

In another attempt to shift the conversation over to fashion, she reveals her disgust of “who wore it best” lists and another talent that entails re-purposing cashmere and wool sweaters into sweater coats.  Her inspiration stemmed from Etsy, where she purchased a tutorial from Katwise, the sweater coat super seller who is also based in Brooklyn, NY.  With a pile of cashmere and wool sweaters, T.V. went to work on her serger and is starting a sweater coat collection of her own.

That brings us to Fashion Week.  Some designer labels that top her list are Christian Dior, Zac Posen and J. Mendel.  The latter being the label of Mr. Gilles Mendel, the father of T.V.’s stepsister Chloe Mendel.  Adding to the list of acting and singing, it seems fashion design also runs in the family.

3 Questions for T.V.:

What item(s) in your closet do you adore the most?  A custom-made lambskin, leather motor-jacket that was made for her “Spider-Man” performance and anything vintage – especially if it appeals to her love of the 20′s swing dancing era.

Who/what is your fashion inspiration?  Movies.  For example, she searched forever for the perfect pair of knee-high, black platform boots similar to those in the movie “The Runaways.”

What’s your motto?  “Work hard, but play harder. And always, always find a way to do what you love.”

Check out a sneak peak of T.V.’s sweater coat collection:













Animal Royalty: High Fashion Meets Rock and Roll


Posted on June 12, 2012 by

Everyone has a favorite t-shirt, whether we acknowledge it or not.

You know, the really soft one that gets better every time you wear it…

the one you wash only after you’ve worn it at least five times…

the one you would never give up no matter how many holes, rips and/or stains it accrues over time…

that’s the one!

With the notion of the favorite t-shirt in mind, Chloe Mendel, fashion student and daughter of Gilles Mendel of J. Mendel, and Mat Devine, frontman of alternative rock band Kill Hannah, found a way to bring their worlds together and design that t-shirt, and more, for you.

The two met through mutual acquaintances and within moments, they became close friends.  With the launch of Animal Royalty, an expanding lifestyle brand, they became business partners as well.

Together they created the signature Animal Royalty shirt that is destined to be your new, or next favorite t-shirt.  Currently available in white, each shirt features a word or phrase hand-written in black.  Bold, all capital letters reading ‘PETER PAN IS DEAD’ or ‘CULT HERO’ make a statement while provoking your thoughts without being too overwhelming.

Made of lightweight, durable, stretched and pre-washed nylon, each shirt is manufactured in the US.  Inside out stitching details and a unisex design make for a perfect combination of the elements needed to create a t-shirt masterpiece.  The duo spent over a year researching, collecting favorite tees of their own and from their friends and family and compiling all of their findings to create an iconic t-shirt for you.


Animal Royalty isn’t limited to shirts; the collection also includes accessories.  Fur and leather collide to create dangling hip or bag candy in arctic fox, mink or raccoon.  The animal tails come with a carabiner attached with a pewter medallion bearing the Animal Royalty logo.

There’s more to come from Animal Royalty as they have plans for expanding their debut line of shirts and accessories.  The brand is determined to offer their customers the best in quality, function and style.

To purchase Animal Royalty products, visit their online store.  To find out what Animal Royalty is up to, follow them on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Alex Kirzhner Art Credit: Ran Ortner Styling Credit: Izzy Tuauson






Kelly Ripa: On Style


Posted on September 15, 2011 by

Right now I’m obsessed with all things Victoria Beckham. . .

Not only is she a brilliant designer, she truly is a fashion icon. Even pregnant with baby number four, she still looks super chic. How does she do it? She manages to run a beautiful family and a fashion empire at the same time, and somehow makes it look effortless, which takes a lot of work.

I adore the emerald colored earings Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wears. She gave me a pair when she visited my show. They are by Jennifer Miller and I love them! I wish I had someplace fancy to go so I could wear them besides when I’m watching American Idol.

I’m also obsessed with a person on twitter called @stuckinhose; he’s been challenged by a female coworker to wear pantyhose under his pants to work everyday. He comments on my tights and hosiery daily. I love that he notices how thick my tights are.

My basic style rule is to only wear what YOU feel good in, not what any magazine tells you to wear. Oh, and don’t forget to go shopping in your own closet. . .there are treasures in there – like sequins!!! Love! Can’t get enough. Maybe it’s the eighties in me, but I can’t let go of shiny things. Leggings, vests, blazers……just as long as it’s sequined I’ll wear it.